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Pre and Post Sugaring Care


• Avoid using retinol products for 2–5 days prior to sugaring.
• Avoid applying makeup on the day of your appointment. If possible, do not wear makeup for the remainder of the day.
• The next morning clean your face with cold water, pat dry, use moisturizer,  and sunscreen. No harsh chemicals.
• Avoid using products that contain “actives” such as glycolic acid or retinol for at least 48 hours post-sugaring.
Come to your appointment with:
• Loose clothes to avoid any rubbing or skin irritation.
• No lotion or perfumes.
• A big smile because you’re going to love the results!
Although very uncommon, some clients experience a histamine reaction that presents as bumpy, red skin after sugaring hair removal. We just removed your hair from the root, so this is your body’s natural reaction. It is temporary, as our Sugar is all natural, made of sugar, lemon juice, and water.

• Cold compresses and our own Silver Reboot are great post sugaring remedies.
• Do not exfoliate within 48 hours. Sugaring is an exfoliant, so we do not want to over-exfoliate your skin. After 48 hours exfoliation is suggested 2x weekly. We have 5 yummy scents of Sugar Sugar™ Body Polishes to choose from!

•Moisturize! Hair grows back through the skin's surface easier when properly hydrated. Our Hello Hydration Body Butters are gentle for even intimate areas. 
• DO NOT work out, have intercourse, enter a sauna, steam room, or hot tub at least 24 hours after sugaring. We don’t want any bacteria to enter your skin follicles.
• When you shower use gentle soap with minimal irritants and pat skin dry.

• Always drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated and glowing!
• Tell all your friends how much you love Sugar Sugar™!