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  • A refined, proven business model for a decade
  • Unique services make Sugar Sugar™ a destination
  • Proprietary services, products, and training
  • Studios thoughtfully designed for maximum ROI
  • Retention rates far above national industry averages
  • Over 30% of new guests come from referrals
  • Premier content and marketing
  • Environmentally conscious: no paper strips or muslin
  • Substantially less operator liability than waxing, with superior results
  • Exclusive Skin From Scratch™ retail may only be purchased at Sugar Sugar™
  • Top-of-industry online training through

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People are Paying Attention to What They Put In, and On Their Bodies.

At Sugar Sugar™, we take pride in enhancing every client’s experience by implementing years of proficiency and customer-flow models that enhance customer service and retention. We make it our priority to invest in integrated retail software, which helps us manage customer relations to maximize the efficiency of our services and optimize sales opportunities.

The Sugar Sugar™ beauty franchise stands at the height of organic beauty and waxing franchises with science at its side. Our membership model, Sugar Society, elevates the customer experience from every angle. Multiple appointment bookings, integration of retail products at our rebook station, and proprietary training were all designed to maximize sales, retention, and customer satisfaction.

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What is it About Sugar Sugar™?

Learn about our sugaring hair removal franchise from our founders:
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What is "Spa Science" at Sugar Sugar™?
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Market Forecast

A Bar Graph with Pink Bars Displaying the Growth of the Natural and Organic Beauty Industry

Natural and Organic Beauty to Grow to $54.5B Worldwide by 2027

"The global market value for natural cosmetics and personal care expected a positive increase from almost 34.5 billion dollars in 2018 to roughly 54.5 billion dollars expected for the year 2027. These data are a proof of the growing importance of the natural and organic beauty market. In fact, the awareness of consumers on the type of products purchased is growing over time. This is especially the case when it comes to personal consumer goods. In the specific case of cosmetics, an always bigger share of consumers tends to purchase natural and/or organic cosmetics. Cosmetics are considered natural with respect to two important dimensions: ingredients and processing. However, the absence of specific regulation on the topic and the disparity between private standards and administrative interpretations on natural cosmetics generates insecurity in the cosmetic industry." (

What is a Sugar Sugar Franchise?

We are modern, smart, flirty, and chic. Sugar Sugar™ offers everything from brand appeal to flexible ownership options, advanced systems, and agency-grade content. If you want to be a regional developer, a multi-unit owner operating several studios, or just want to begin with a single sugaring franchise unit, Sugar Sugar™ can create success for all levels of investment.

Effective ongoing training, premium online support, business intelligence, and years of industry experience will generate a business you will be proud to own. Sugar Sugar ™ is “the next big thing” in the beauty industry.


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With a sugar waxing approach clients rave about, Sugar Sugar™ is changing the beauty business.  It's YOUR chance to be a part of history.

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Sugaring hair removal is a proficiency skill.  So staff skillset is the variable for longterm return.  With consistent training, hiring/retention, real estate and world class marketing, Sugar Sugar has become the formidable and enticing concept focused on the future. Sugar Sugar is a client started, woman owned business with end user and client experience as its core. This is what has set the company apart.

We started franchising in 2019 after starting our first location in 2013. Our growth plan calls for having 100 studios open across the country by 2026, eventually expanding to more than 700 locations. We have the mentors and lineage to support this growth.  Where waxing has sustained, sugar will sustain. The future in women's markets belongs to women!

Sugar Sugar is dedicated to cultivating positive relationships with franchisees, while maintaining clients' fierce loyalty. Every detail from the products, the training, customer care, brand cultivation and growth has been tested and proven. Sugar Sugar is the future of beauty.