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Become a Sugaring Franchise Owner

We Show You the Sweet Side of the Sugar Waxing Business

  • A refined, proven business model for a decade
  • Unique services make Sugar Sugar™ a destination
  • Proprietary services, products, and training
  • Studios thoughtfully designed for maximum ROI
  • Retention rates far above national industry averages
  • Over 30% of new guests come from referrals
  • Premier content and marketing
  • Environmentally conscious: no paper strips or muslin
  • Substantially less operator liability than waxing, with superior results
  • Exclusive Skin From Scratch™ retail may only be purchased at Sugar Sugar™
  • Top-of-industry online training through

We Are Looking for Qualified, Committed Business Owners Wanting a Sugaring Hair Removal Franchise Opportunity

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How Do You Stand Out From Competition? 

Proprietary Products Prevail

SugarSugar Pumpkin PureSugar Sugar™ has built its name and forged a reputation for excellence in one of the most competitive and crowded beauty markets in the United States. How? By being better, being unique and focusing on the details. All of this happening long before thinking about franchising for sugaring hair removal.

Since its inception in 2013 Sugar Sugar™ has won numerous local and national awards for sugar waxing, spray tan and facial - because of its training and retention. But what's more - everything at Sugar Sugar™ is proprietary. Not only the systems but the retail products and back bar (professional product) lines. The entire process was built slowly, thoughtfully for higher profit, elevated service and to make Sugar Sugar™ a destination.

The retail product line, Skin From Scratch™ is an important part of this architecture. It was tailor-made for performance, reliability and business sustainability. The line took years of thought and day to day experience from its Founders, spending each day as brick/mortar owner/operators; enhancing systems and refining... well, everything.

The backbar line, Cu3ed Sugar changed the industry and has won innumerable awards. Service providers call weekly hoping to buy the line for their professional services. But Sugar Sugar™ reserves the line for franchisees only.

THIS IS IMPORTANT TO UNDERSTAND: The retail line will never be sold across the street from your franchise. The backbar line will never arm your competitor.

It's this uniqueness, effectivity, in both - services and retail that causes clients to drive past competitors - and enthusiastically walk through your doors.

Franchise News

What is it About Sugar Sugar™?

Learn about our sugaring hair removal franchise from our founders:
Founder Aimee Talks Franchising in Sugar Wax Founder Aimee Tells the Story of How Sugar Sugar Changed the Indsutry Back in 2011.
Founder William Talks Franchise Content Sugaring (Sugar Waxing) Pioneer Talks Clean Beauty and Changing the Landscape of Beauty
Founder Aimee Talks Revenue and Skin From Scratch Founder Aimee Talks About the Sugar- and Why it Matters
Founder Aimee Talks Revenue and Skin From Scratch Women in Business:  It's Time for Women to Build Their Own Futures. 
What is "Spa Science" at Sugar Sugar  Sugar Sugar™ Founder Tells Why We Are So Passionate About the Training.
What is "Spa Science" at Sugar Sugar  Understanding the SCIENCE of Sugaring Improves Client Experience/Results; and Franchisee Bottom Line.  

Sugaring Business Ownership

Predictable Revenue

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The Sweet Science of Our Membership Models 

The Sugar Sugar™ membership model, “The Sugar Society™” was built after years of listening to our clients voices – and wallets. Often, franchise membership models are built entirely from the perspective of the business. For a membership to be most effective, it needs to be built for business - but SHAPED by the client's needs.

Our clients' demographics, income levels, and buying proclivities vary profoundly. We provide two solution-based membership models for our clients. One has very low cost of entry and provides easy conversion for staff. No need for a dedicated closer or specific staff to sell the membership. Attrition rates for this membership hover below 8% annually.

The second model, "The Sugar Fix™" is unique, and structured specifically to service. It's a billable option that is a less expensive solution for clients. It's an upfront, monthly structure to ensure static sales and appointment booking. (Ask our welcome team for more info.)

Through the years we've listened to our guests and refined our processes. This is how we were able to forge client membership solutions into stable, predictable and SELLABLE opportunities for owners. Low cost-of-entry and specificity mean less calls for cancellation which bog down staff. It also means easy conversion and low membership attrition. Running any business is about creating predictability, and therefore building proactivity. You're going to love “The Sugar Society".

What is a Sugar Sugar Franchise?

We are modern, smart, flirty, and chic. Sugar Sugar™ offers everything from brand appeal to flexible ownership options, advanced systems, and agency-grade content. If you want to be a regional developer, a multi-unit owner operating several studios, or just want to begin with a single sugaring franchise unit, Sugar Sugar™ can create success for all levels of investment.

Effective ongoing training, premium online support, business intelligence, and years of industry experience will generate a business you will be proud to own. Sugar Sugar ™ is “the next big thing” in the beauty industry.


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The Beauty Franchise Opportunity

With a sugar waxing approach clients rave about, Sugar Sugar™ is changing the beauty business.  It's YOUR chance to be a part of history.

Media and Buzz

Comfort Sugaring™ - Only at Sugar Sugar™

Sugaring hair removal is a proficiency skill.  Not all Sugaring is equal. How's Sugaring is performed, and ultimately how each visit is executed, makes or breaks businesses in the beauty sector.  So staff skillset is the variable for longterm return.  There will be competition. It will increase. Ultimately, the industry will be one or lost by the businesses that not only perform the best services; but also execute the best client visit. 

With consistent training, hiring/retention, real estate and world class marketing, Sugar Sugar has become the formidable and enticing concept focused on the future. Sugar Sugar is a client started, woman owned business with end user and client experience as its core. This is what has set the company apart.

We started franchising in 2019 after starting our first location in 2013. We have worked our business daily to understand beauty science, customer flow and the technology differences that advance a business.  We are ahead of pace for 100 studios open across the country by 2026, eventually expanding to more than 700 locations. We have the mentors, team members and lineage to support this growth.  Where waxing has sustained, sugar will sustain. The future in women's markets belongs to women!

Sugar Sugar is dedicated to cultivating positive relationships with franchisees, while maintaining clients' fierce loyalty. Every detail from the products, the training, customer care, brand cultivation and growth has been tested and proven. Sugar Sugar is the future of beauty.

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