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October 6, 2023

All About Facial Toners

All About Facial Toners

The primary purposes of facial toner are:


Balancing pH

Facial toners help restore the skin's natural pH balance, which can be disrupted by the alkaline nature of some facial cleansers. Balanced pH is important for maintaining healthy skin.



Toners can remove any residual makeup, dirt, or impurities that may not have been completely removed during the cleansing process. This extra step can help keep your skin clean and prevent breakouts.



Many modern facial toners contain ingredients like glycerin, hyaluronic acid, or botanical extracts that provide hydration to the skin. Hydrated skin appears more plump and youthful.


Tightening and Firming 

Some toners contain astringent ingredients like witch hazel or alcohol, which can temporarily tighten and firm the skin, making it appear smoother.


Preparing the Skin

Toner can prepare the skin to better absorb subsequent skincare products like serums and moisturizers. It creates a clean canvas for the application of other products.


Refreshing and Soothing

Toners can have a refreshing and soothing effect on the skin, which can be especially beneficial if you have sensitive or irritated skin.


It's important to note that not all toners are created equal, and there are different types of toners to suit various skin types and concerns. For example:

  • Alcohol-based toners: These can be drying and are often best suited for oily or acne-prone skin types.

  • Hydrating toners: These are more suitable for dry or sensitive skin as they provide moisture and soothing properties.

  • Exfoliating toners: Some toners contain chemical exfoliants like alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) or beta hydroxy acids (BHAs) to help remove dead skin cells and improve skin texture.


When choosing a facial toner, it's essential to consider your skin type and specific skincare needs. Sugar Sugar's Skin from Scratch has two facial toner options. Both are gentle and hydrating for the skin:


Silver Reboot

Hydrating and a natural healer, organic lavender floral water will keep skin soft, healthy and radiant. Colloidal silver is a powerful anti-septic, antibacterial and antimicrobial ingredient which will keep skin free of harmful, acne causing bacteria. One for all skin types. May be used for post sugaring as well.


Elemenetal Upkeep

This anti-aging toner with geranium berry is a cleansing toner that removes impurities and refines the appearance of pores for a deeply hydrated, healthy-looking, and velvety soft complexion. It also works to reduce and reverse aging on your face and all over your body. Restores suppleness to environmentally stressed skin and delivers antioxidants to fight free radicals, while natural moisture factors condition and help skin retain moisture for firmness and elasticity. Achieve an ideal combination of moisture and purity with this complexion-perfecting formula. It works to banish impurities and excess sebum while guarding against dehydration. Skin is left supple and soft.


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