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September 14, 2021

Dealing with Turnover on the Fly: Lesson #1

Dealing with Turnover on the Fly: Lesson #1

by Aimee N Blake

Change happens in business. It happens in the service sector and it happens in waxing and sugar waxing sectors. Aestheticians love performing our services for clients. They love to provide better/cleaner services for their clients. That's why they went to aesthetic school. They also enjoy reducing monotony by bouncing from sugaring to skin care to spray tan. So we see staff stay almost three times longer than waxing providers on average. Nevertheless staff doesn't last forever. 

Turnover can be a tenuous time for rebook percentages. But it doesn't have to be. Even as you are changing sugar waxing staff, it's important for the sugarist to introduce the client to the new sugarist who will be replacing her. Think about how much less cold and daunting that appointment will be if they have already met that new person. Plus, then new sugar waxing staff and the client have already started a relationship. While this is an easy (and free) step, it can often be overlooked.

If there isn't a relationship, waxing percentages of purged appointments can be as high as 80 percent for more intimate services. Any relationship building you can do ahead of time will prove extremely valuable. Change is the only constant in business. Any proactivity you can do ahead of change will add thousands of additional dollars to your beauty franchise's bottom line annually. 

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