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July 28, 2022

Why Facials are Important for a Sugaring Franchise

Why Facials are Important for a Sugaring Franchise

Facials are an important part of what we do. While they don't account for a large percentage of our business, (10%) here are a couple of reasons why we provide them.

  1. Margins on facials are extremely high. Facials are typically more of a impulse purchase a vanity buy. But basic upkeep is something some people do indeed want. Many see a weekly or monthly facial as self-care. We highly recommend this! The service falls in line with our clients demographic and interests.

  2. Faces are a wonderful tool for sales. Not only will they sell more retail product; but facials provide an incentive for memberships and other exclusive buying opportunities. All the while providing a very low margin and occupying sedentary for sedentary staff.  Ultimately there are very few reasons not to provide organic and natural officials in 2022.

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