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September 7, 2021

Keeping the Appointment (Software)

Keeping the Appointment (Software)

by William Johner

Any booking software will work as point of sale software. Be careful when starting your clean beauty business. There are many pit falls. Many services are “free” on the booking end. Companies intigrate so they use ONLY a specific bank for credit card processing. This will cost a business thousands of dollars monthly. Yes, monthly. Competition and price matching can be everything in credit card processing.

The right booking software should provide you options within processing. It should also work as a customer management software, inventory solution, online booking solution, light HR functionality, payroll option and gift card provider. 

Since we started in the sugar wax business, we have been pretty unrelenting with our vendors. Why not, at the time we were building as we were growing. Because our booking integration software is so important to every facet of our business; we demand a lot. We've been very happy with what we've seen from our solution. The company we use has active programmers and works passionately and diligently along our input to “build as we go” creating a new market with abandon. (haha) They share our business plan to help us build something unique and better. 

We believe the right software should work as an equitable partner within your Sugar Sugar Franchise. In our time as owners we have tried three and learned and a lot. We've learned and grown with new offerings and policies. It's meant a lot. We think having our booking solution in our Corner to provide customer relations automation, marketing simplicity and advanced up-sell at checkout functionality makes our business even more superior. With more thought and continual improvement as much as Sugar Sugar. We couldn't be happier with where we are with our booker. We know you will love what they provide. The right software solution will CHANGE EVERYTHING for your own sugar waxing franchise. Want to learn more? Reach out to me through or franchise line.

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