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What is it About Sugar Sugar™?

Through Ten Years of Work, Trial, Effort and Analytics  We've made Sugar Sugar a Sugar Waxing Money Maker that Clients LOVE.
March 2, 2023

Believe in Your Skincare

Believe in Your Skincare

by William Johner, Co-Founder 

Ever fall in love with a beauty or skin product only to slowly and painfully fall out of love with it? Yes, it’s happened to all of us as mergers and acquisitions costs and minimum order quantities become the reality of the world; products and ingredients can be compromised from what he built incredible reputation.  
Fact: some of the best lines you run into aren’t carried in big box and can be challenging to find. Further, easy to use applicators like aerosol cans, travel, minis, and advanced bottles and packaging make it easier for some stores to carry lines. All of those things require large minimum order quantities often not possible for artisan, manufactures, and smaller creators. 

Most consumers don't have the time for the necessary due diligence to find the line that is perfect for that. Seach, fall in love, break up, search, fall in love again. 
It’s not uncommon to stumble upon the right small line product and fall in love. Then, Cost of Goods Sold, possible acquisition, or mergers; change the formulation. It's the circle of life in the beauty industry.
It’s a reality. But it doesn’t have to be the only a reality. That is, it doesn’t have to be the only option. Our retail line, Skin From Scrratch is something that we worked extremely hard to be an industry panacia. Creating our online has provided us autonomy and stability in our pursuit of a line built around the skin diet.
William Johner is the COO of Sugar Sugar Franchise in systems and the founder of Skin From Scratch™.

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